Gentle Priestess


God Slayer


There’s more than meets the eye to this timid nun from the capital’s Grand Church. Ever since her arrival, a series of late-night murders has kept the town on edge, leaving some to suspect that this innocent-looking lady of the cloth may be hiding an evil presence. Nobody knows why exactly she would enter a martial arts tournament, but they’ll soon find out.

Gentle Priestess SKILLS

Doctrine of Disarmament: When attacked, discard any amount of cards currently equipped. Reduce the damage taken by 1 for each discarded card (up to 4).


True Nature: When damage is taken, Gentle Priestess awakens.

God Slayer SKILLS

One-Shot Massacre: Triple the damage of any attached Saw or Chainsaw.

Unholy Constraint: Whenever you have two or more open equipment slots, your opponent may not use counterattack cards.  

Feigned Innocence: Return to Normal Form at the end of your Discard Phase.