Gorgeous Gambler


Maniac Gambler


Roving from gambling den to gambling den, she’s normally an agreeable, beautiful woman known for her cool-headed demeanor. But when the odds turn, so too does her temper. Stories abound about the damage she’s caused, both to property and those in her path. With so much on the line, her anger will be fiercer than ever. Heaven help those who stand between her and victory!



Sleight of Hand: When attacking, you may choose to reroll your die once.


Hot Streak: If a 6 is rolled while attacking, awaken after resolving the die roll.


Payout: Before rolling the die during an Attack action, declare a value of 2-5 for the star equipment slot (defaults to 2 when undeclared).

Royal Straight Flush: When all 4 of your character’s equipment slots are filled with equipment of the same type (Weapons, Skill, Items, Magic, or Rare), you may spend an action to roll two dice. Inflict damage onto your opponent equal to the difference between the dice results.

Cold Streak: If the result of an Attack action die roll is 1, return to your Normal Form.