One-Eyed Bowman


Crimson Sniper


This eyepatched master of the bow is normally seen tracking and slaying hostile beasts, known simply as the Wild, that roam the land and threaten the realm’s denizens. Recently, however, he put his hunting on hold after receiving an invitation by a certain individual to participate in the kingdom’s fighting tournament. Pragmatic in nature, he's sure to hunt his opponents with the same cold detachment with which he hunts the Wild.


Master Archer: The Longbow deals +2 damage (also applies when used as an Instant Play action).


A Marksman's Devotion: Awaken when HP reaches 5 or lower.

God Slayer SKILLS

Snipe: Before rolling the die during an Attack action, declare a value of 2-5 for the star equipment slot (defaults to 3 when undeclared).

Perfect Aim: The Longbow and Crossbow deal +4 damage. In addition, you don’t need to discard the Longbow upon activation.