Pure-Hearted Swordsman


Demon Warrior



He may be little more than an apprentice to one of the kingdom’s knightly orders, but this young man is pure at heart and has something no other contender can claim - a secret love of the princess that knows no bounds. When he heard the rumor that the winner would marry the princess, he knew it was destiny. Guided by the power of love, every battle brings him one step closer to the princess.

Pure-Hearted Swordsman Skills


Proficiency: Equipped weapons deal +1 damage.


Heritage: Awaken when HP reaches 3 or lower.

Demon Warrior Skills

Star Breaker: Before rolling the die during an Attack action, declare a value of 2-5 for the star equipment slot (defaults to 2 when undeclared).

Infernal Choice: When attacking, roll two dice and choose one of the results.

Arm of the Demon: Equipped weapons deal +2 damage.